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I have been sewing authentic medieval clothing for a while now, but I didn't have any pretty pictures with those. Luckiliy the lovely Calisere helped me out. She ordered the late medieval green wool dress - reconstructed after the finds in Herjolfsnes - and also organized the photoshooting. I think they created many beautiful, magical [...]

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Steam Pirate & Green Baroque with Miss Sujata

Lately Miss Sujata has been my busiest model. She almost put my whole sortiment in front of a camera. And she organizes all these photo shootings. This time with Ben Peter and Laura Jakoby in Frankfurt. Now it's about time that I sew something new for her. ;) Here you can see the Steampunk Pirate [...]

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With Animals for Animals

Last year Miss Sujata gave me the possibility to contribute to Schokopixel's project With Animals for Animals. With Animals for Animals is a free project where Schokopixel photographed animals together with human models. The pictures are sold and the proceeds go to animal protection. I couldn't say no to that. Miss Sujata borrowed my Victorian wild silk [...]

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Dragon Queen

During our vernissage for the makeup calendar last year I met Theresa aka SujARTa Photography. Theresa is a very interesting and beautiful model. Additional she dances, studied medical engineering and is a fantasy fan. She also liked my clothes. So we had no choice but to plan a fashion shooting together. Theresa knows a lot of [...]

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Lady Loki & Leah: New images

In the last weeks I directly asked the photographers for images from some of the older fashion shootings. And for the Lady Loki & Leah fashion shooting I received four additional images. :) It's some beautiful images of Leah and one of Lady Loki. Lady Loki: Silver Wolfie Leah: Hisu Photography & Retouch: Inspire me MUA: Wytyczne [...]

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Artemisia – 300: Rise of an Empire – Cosplay

It is a long time since I made a requested cosplay for Silver Wolfie one of my favourite models. She more than deserved it for all her great work. She wanted to have Artemisia from 300: Rise of an Empire. I got images from the cosplay a while ago and now they finally appear on [...]

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All Calendar Pictures

I finally finished uploading all of the calendar images. Enjoy! Credits are at the bottom since they are so long. Five freelance makeup artists present the calendar “Fascination Makeup 2016”. In collaboration with notable designers like Larva – Victorian Steampunk , Monika Maria Donner and VAN ART Graziadei a fascinating array of pictures providing a glimpse into the [...]

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Fascination Make-Up 2015 Video

Today in the category better late than never: There is an excellent video from our exhibition about the calendar Fascination Make-Up 2015. The two evenings in November 2015 were great. The gallery was more or less full on both days. And Dominik Kaindl from Frontline Motion Pictures  captured the atmosphere just wonderfully. And casually made us all look [...]

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Lady Loki & Leah Cosplay

Another beautiful project with Silver Wolfie aka Joanna. Joanna wanted to do a Loki cosplay. I guess she actually though of the male movie version, but I had just recently read the Marvel comics where Loki was out and about as a woman. And Joanna didn't have anything against that costume either. It was also [...]

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Exhibition “Fascination Make-Up”

My first big exhibition! :D During the last year I have been working on the calendar "Fascination Make-Up 2016" with an incredible and big team (12 models, 5 makeup artists, 3 designers, 2 hair stylists, 1 photographer). My clothes are in six of the twelve images. As soon as I am allowed to publish the [...]

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Last December I did a photo shooting inspired by Lord of the Rings with a wonderful team. So we had our version of Galadriel ready for the release of the third Hobbit movie. But I always need some more time to publish pictures. So now slightly delayed here you have our Galadriel. We used my [...]

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Black Beauty

These pictures were made in May 2015 by the wonderful Irina Bodor. She wanted to do a photoshooting with a horse and with that I was convinced of the project. Apart from her making very beautiful pictures. The clothes are the same as for the Yennefer cosplay. A medieval blouse and skirt made from linen. [...]

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Victorian bride

This series of pictures originated at the beginning of 2014 in a botanical garden in Poland. Joanna is the model again. Her and the photographer Katarzyna Jaworska wanted to work together for a while back then. But Katarzyna is specialized on wedding photography and she wanted to stay in that subject area (later she photographed [...]

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Baroque in spring

Makeup artist and photographer Nadia borrowed my Russian inspired green baroque gown for a fashion shooting in spring. This time I combined the dress with the matching kokoshnik (a traditional Russian headdress). The pictures were made in a beautiful Japanese garden. Nadia and her Model Katja were quite the tourist attraction. Photography, Retouch & MUA: Beautycare Nadia [...]

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Elven wedding gown for Tauriel

I'm still in the process of moving (our furniture is only arriving piece by piece...), but I think it's time to show a new project anyway. :) Joanna is a model specialized on cosplay and she wanted to have a dress for Tauriel from the Hobbit trilogy. I on the other hand wanted to add [...]

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Steampunk Pirate

This fashion shooting already took place in march 2014. I can never keep up with putting the pictures online. Here I tried a high-necked corset. The lacing in the back reaches all the way up to the neck. The blouse is a lined version of my basic pattern. And the pants are made from two [...]

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The Witcher: Yennefer of Vengerberg

And another very fine project with Silver Wolfie. Actually Silver Wolfie is specialized on cosplay as a model and for thus we were looking for characters together, whose clothes would also fit my portfolio. On Yennefer of Vengerberg from the excellent The Witcher books and computer games we agreed almost immediately.

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Oriental princess pictures & products

After some time there are some news again. I haven't been idle in the last days. Website and shop have been brought up to date in the background and now everything is ready so I can add new products and content. First the results of an older project. The fashion shooting with the following team: [...]

Spanish Rose photoshooting

  I already wrote about my cooperation with Joanna aka Silver Wolfie Shizuma (visit her page on Facebook: It is great fun and very productive. We already made four projects happen and the next two are planned. And now I finally made the time to present you the results of our first fashion shooting. [...]

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More galleries

I started adding the unique pieces to the gallery. And there'll also be new pictures in the fashion shooting section. Just look at the Gallery in the top navigation. I'm also optimizing the website. Especially the product descriptions have to be reworked. I will do this bit by bit. While I do this I won't [...]

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Making of: Fashion Shooting June 9th

Today was a long, but very interesting and nice sunday. I did my second fashion shooting in a baroque manor with model Sabrina, makeup artist Jessica and photographer Vincent. And as a new member another Jessica joined us for hair. She also send us a nice making of picture: The pictures will be available in [...]

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