Here you can find a small selection of courses and workshops for historical handcrafts I can offer.

For all courses there are advanced course options.
– Needle binding for advanced users (needle binding in two colors, more stitches, socks & caps)
– Tablet weaving for advanced users (weaving on a frame, weaving with packages of tablets)
– Hatmaking for full-sized hats
– Corsetry for overbust corsets

I am also happy to create an individual course for you.
– Individual trainings
– Workshops & demonstrations for events
– Needle painting (freehand embroidery)
– Medieval costumes (dresses, tunics, pants)
– Medieval hats (men’s coif, St. Birgitta’s coif, beret)
– Fingerloop braiding & kumihino

Needle binding for beginners

Needle binding or Nålebinding is a predecessor of knitting & crocheting. With this technique you create a very durable weave from intricate knots that can’t unravel.

Workshop content

You will learn needle binding with natural, felt-able wool and a blunt wooden or darning needle. We will start with the Oslo basic stitch, a connection stitch and different techniques to extend your wool thread.

We create cuffs (or gloves) for your first needle binding project.

Participants: 5-10 persons
Duration: 2 hours
Cost: 45€ + 15€ materials
Includes a wooden needle, and a ball of quality wool.
Additional needles and wool can be bought.

Tablet weaving for beginners

With simple tools you can create colourful, patterned and sturdy bands. They can be used as belts, straps for bags or as decoration on clothing.

Workshop content

First we will learn how to read a weaving pattern and how to thread the tablets. Then we will start weaving. We will weave on our belt, so we don’t need a weaving frame. By turning the tablets and moving the weaving shuttle through the threads our band will be created.

We will be weaving a band with two colours and a simple diamond pattern.

Participants: 4-7 persons
Duration: 4 hours
Cost: 100€ + 40€ materials
Includes a weaving shuttle, 25 tablets (cardboard), and two rolls of linen thread.

Please bring your own scissors (embroidery scissors are enough)!

Hatmaking for small hats

Handsewn hats with a buckram base offer an infinite diversity in design, because you can freely choose fabrics, decoration and even the shape.

Workshop content

You will learn the basic techniques for sewing and decorating on a small hat, so we don’t have to worry about correct sizing.

You can choose between different hat models, e.g. a top hat, a tricorne or an Elizabethan riding hat.

Participants: 5-10 persons
Duration: 6 hours
Cost: 125€ + 25€ materials
Includes materials for a small hat (buckram, wadding, wire, fabric and satin ribbon of your choosing, clips, glue).
Additional decoration (feathers, silk flowers, cameos) can be bought.

Please bring your own scissors (handcraft scissors, fabric scissors)!

Corsetry for a underbust corset

Corsets are fascinating historical pieces of clothing, that are coming back into fashion right now. Made to measure they are a wonderful support for the natural figure and exceptionally comfortable.

Workshop content

In this course you will learn how to make a simple yet elegant underbust corset for your own measurements. We will create your individual pattern, get to know the special corset materials, create a mockup corset and then we will start with your actual corset. You can design it yourself.

Participants: 4-7 persons
Duration: 2 days
Cost: 550€ + 90€ materials
Includes materials for an underbust corset (fabric & satin ribbon of your choosing, coutil, clasp, steel bones, eyelets, corset lace).

Requirements: Your own sewing machine & sewing tools!