As you know I made two Fortuny Delphos dresses in gold and purple. Since they are very fancy and have a nice light and dark contrast, I always had to think about two contrary queens. So for the more fantastic styling I bought Ravenna’s crown (Snow White and the Huntsman) for the purple Delphis dress, and made a wood elf crown from wire and Fimo (you can read more about it here) for the golden Delphos dress. And I also grabbed all of my swords from fencing training.

We started out with the classical styling and we already had so many ideas for that, that we ran out of time for the fantasy part. But we still got some great pictures. Thanks to a great team of course. Tamara managed to reapply the makeup and change the hair in record time. Reyna and Mayo helped with redecorating between changing and getting styled. And Theresa sent us everywhere she needed us for taking the pictures. All the while I was handing over requisites and basically stopping time, so we would manage to do all of our ideas and still get home in time.

And here they are the Evil (modeled by the not even slightly evil Reyna) and the Good (the also very nice Mayo) Queen. The sword of the evil queen is my long sword (custom order from Pavel Moc) and the Good Queen is holding my rapier (custom order from Wild Style Works, our personal smith for the fencing club). In the picture with both queens, the Good Queen exchanged the rapier for a long sword as well (the classical model from Albion, thanks for lending it, Gabi), so the swords would look more similar.

Models: Mayoris & Reynalys
Photography & Retouch: Sujata Photography
Makeup & Hair: Getalook
Fashion: Larva – Historische Schneiderei