Brown Wool Mini Elizabethan Riding Hat (handsewn)

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    Brown Wool Mini Elizabethan Riding Hat (handsewn)

    ~ 49,00 

    Brown Elizabethan riding hat made from felt with a rustic note. Decorated with felt roses.

    Delivery time: ~ 10-20 working days

    Currently I do not accept new orders. But I am happy to help if you are looking for sewing advice. You can contact me here: Contact form


    This small version of the Elizabethan riding hat keeps it curved shape and thus stays just as elegant as the big versions of the hat. The raw, furry surface of the felt the riding hat gets an additional rustic note. It is decorated with roses made from the same felt fabric.

    The base for our hats is robust buckram and can be covered with fabrics by choice. The small hats are attached with two crocodile clips on the underside of the hat brim.

    Buckram 100% Linen
    Felt 100% Polyester

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