It is a long time since I made a requested cosplay for Silver Wolfie one of my favourite models. She more than deserved it for all her great work. She wanted to have Artemisia from 300: Rise of an Empire. I got images from the cosplay a while ago and now they finally appear on my website.

The cosplay is made up of a skirt (historically slightly inaccurate with a zipper), a fishnet shirt as chain mail substitute, the bracers, a sword belt and of course the very iconic breast armour. The armour is made of fake leather, the golden spikes are made from resin and mould powder. And the armour is generously scattered with cone rivets. All in all very spiky indeed. 😉

I wrote about the production process in WIP: Artemisia’s Armour and WIP: Spikes for Artemisia.

Model: Silver Wolfie
Photography: WikingArt – Fotografia
Sword with thanks from In’Carius Craft
Fashion: Larva – Victorian Steampunk