During the same fashion shooting we created the the Daenerys Stormborn images we also tried our hand at Steampunk. We produces some very dark and striking images. For me Sujata Setema aka Theresa looks like the ringmaster of a cursed circus.

The travelling motif with the trunk is also one of my favourites. Maybe I’ll manage to add some nice Art Noveau train station concourse to the background. Something like this for example:


Copyright: Patricia Hofmeester (you can buy it on Shutterstock)

In the pictures Theresa is wearing the Elizabethan skirt made from black linen and the Steampunk corset made from tobacco coloured fake leather. The blouse. hat and parasol are from my collection, but not made by me.

Many thanks to my team. Theresa for her versatile modeling, Delia for her striking makeup and of course Wolfgang for capturing these beautiful pictures and retouching them.

Model: Sujata Setema
Photography & Retouch: Peroni-Arts
MUA: Delia’s Schminkbox
Fashion: Larva – Victorian Steampunk