Medieval Clothing

All my Vikings

I am currently expanding my collection to include authentic medieval clothing. And after doing late medieval styles, now it is time to add the Vikings. I concentrated on the Haithabu (Hedeby) vikings for now and I started with male clothing. The starting point was a beautiful necklace made from coral, mother of pearl and brass. [...]


I have been sewing authentic medieval clothing for a while now, but I didn't have any pretty pictures with those. Luckiliy the lovely Calisere helped me out. She ordered the late medieval green wool dress - reconstructed after the finds in Herjolfsnes - and also organized the photoshooting. I think they created many beautiful, magical [...]

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Authentic late medieval dress and undergarment

Last summer I got an introduction to (more or less) authentic medieval tailoring. And during the christmas holidays I had some time to start the first project: A simple late medieval (late 14th century) dress and undergarment. I have been mostly ill the last weeks (two colds in a row...) so it all took quite some [...]

Medieval Coif

Right now I'm being scheduled as a private seamstress for our sword figthing club more and more. ;) As a start I was commissioned with simple medieval coifs. Since they will be used in training historical correctness wasn't that important for now. My coifs are a padded version for wearing under a fencing mask. I [...]