Victorian Clothing

Black and Green Victorian Ensemble

For a customer I made a black and green version of the Victorian ensemble. The skirt and overskirt are made from black cotton cloth (or linen, whatever you like better). And the jacket with peplum is accentuated with a green velvet in the front. I also made the fabric covered buttons myself again, but I [...]

Fortuny Delphos – or “How to Pleat by Hand”

Everything started with a murder mystery dinner set in the 20s. I didn't have much time, so I took my Taschen edition of Fashion (Collection of the Kyoto Costume Institute) and started leafing through it. The flapper dresses with thousands of pearls were beautiful, but nothing I could pull of on such short notice. And [...]

Victorian Walking Dress Photoseries

For a Bartitsu workshop I made a simple yet elegant Victorian "sports" costume and with an illustrious team made up of old and new faces I was able to stage it wonderfully. The makeup artist Martina I already new from the makeup calendar and she has gotten to know the fantastic photographer (and friend) Elena, [...]

Victorian Silk with Truly Victorian

Recently I finally had the opportunity to try out some patterns from Truly Victorian. A lady ordered a new Victorian costume from me. She already had very specific requirements and chose a flared skirt and a short jacket with leg-of-mutton sleeves. Additionally she sent me the blue and black striped silk. I bought the black [...]

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Black ribbon corset

This ribbon corset is available in beige in my shop, but I am happy to change all my designs according to your wishes. This customer wanted the ribbon corset still with the fake suede, but in black. Additionally she required a cover for the corset busk, because it would otherwise damage her instrument. (Yes, I'm [...]

Custom order: Victorian Accessoires

Recently I got a nice order to complete a Victorian inspired outfit. The customer owns a bordeaux evenning dress and for a LARP event she wanted some accessories or additional pieces of clothing complimenting the dress.

The Fourth Doctor’s Victorian Shirt – Part 2

I started to tailor some men's clothing and I was inspired by Doctor Who Classic. As a first project I chose the Fourth Doctor's (Tom Baker) Victorian shirt with the cutout collar. In Part 1 I wrote about my research and here I will describe my construction method and show you the results. Construction The [...]

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The Fourth Doctor’s Victorian Shirt – Part 1

Some time ago I started to watch the old Doctor Who Classic series. The Doctor always had a fascinating fashion sense. And then I meet the Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker, with the long scarf ;)) for the first time. He wears a mixture of Victorian and Steampunk clothes and they are even suitable for everyday [...]

Custom Victorian Jacket

Recently I made a customized Victorian jacket. Here it is in the shop: Arthemis astyanax – Victorian jacket The customer wanted the jacket completely black and with long sleeves. Changes like this are possible without a problem. In this case it didn't even cost more. And the size was made-to-measure of course. ;) I'm always looking [...]

1900-1910 Ribbon corset

Waist Cincher 1900-1910 The Metropolitan Museum of Art 1905 The Metropolitan Museum of Art I fell in love with this ribbon corset from 1900-1910 some time ago. The Metropolitan Museum of Art owns some very beautiful specimens. Since I never saw or have sewn a pattern anything like it, I started [...]

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The bridal gown is finished

Well, the skirt for the bridal gown is finished. I guess I exaggerated a bit with the train... The skirt has two layers and is finished with lace on the bottom. In the pictures there is no underskirt or bustle worn, so you can still adjust the volume.

Bridal corset

I finally started with the second shooting outfit for Joanna. You can see No. 1 here: Spanish Rose WIP We agreed to design a historical bridal gown. I was inspired mostly by Victorian bridal fashion and already started with the corset. The pattern for the corset belongs to a ball gown and sits very low [...]