Elizabethan Clothing

Custom order: Victorian Accessoires

Recently I got a nice order to complete a Victorian inspired outfit. The customer owns a bordeaux evenning dress and for a LARP event she wanted some accessories or additional pieces of clothing complimenting the dress.

Red Elizabethan Corset

For a customer of mine I made a red version of the Elizabethan corset from my range. The pattern is a pair of bodies fitting for the period from 1550 to 1630. "[It] is based on two preserved examples: a pair of bodies from the grave complex of the countess paladine Dorothea Sabina from Neuburg", [...]

Why the long hiatus or how to sew a corset from canvas

I am in a compulsory break with the updates. There I wanted to send my stricken computer to get repaired. It will take two weeks at the most was was I thought. That was over a month ago... Long story short I can only do the essential tasks on my laptop. I didn't forget about [...]

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