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Braiding techniques: Fingerloop braiding & Kumihimo

Beforehand: This is not a detailed tutorial for fingerloop braiding or Kumihimo. You can find a lot of them for free in the internet. I will write about the pros and cons of each technique. I use lacing as a closure for my clothes quite often. And there are only rather modern versions in the [...]

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Artemisia – 300: Rise of an Empire – Cosplay

It is a long time since I made a requested cosplay for Silver Wolfie one of my favourite models. She more than deserved it for all her great work. She wanted to have Artemisia from 300: Rise of an Empire. I got images from the cosplay a while ago and now they finally appear on [...]

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Custom order: Victorian Accessoires

Recently I got a nice order to complete a Victorian inspired outfit. The customer owns a bordeaux evenning dress and for a LARP event she wanted some accessories or additional pieces of clothing complimenting the dress.