Monthly Archives: March 2015

Artemisia’s armour with top and skirt

Today and yesterday I have been on a sword fighting seminar (which was really great), this is why it took some time, but now Artemisia's armour is finished. Last time I wrote about the breast armour and sword belt (made from fake leather) and about the golden spikes (made from mould powder and resin). Meanwhile [...]

Lady Loki’s dress

Right now everyone seems to think that it would be great to order something from me RIGHT NOW. You know, shortly before I am moving to a new apartment. ;) But not that I'm complaining. I just need a lot longer for the unpaid projects. For example the Loki & Leah and the Artemisia costumes. [...]

WIP: Spikes for Artemisia

Onward with Artemisia's armour. Mostly it consists of spikes and claws. But we all know that a proper villain can't have to many spikes for decoration. I looked for materials in our handicraft store. Actually Fimo (a kind of thermoplastic clay) would have been the best choice since it's rather flexible when dried. But no one [...]

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