All my Vikings

I am currently expanding my collection to include authentic medieval clothing. And after doing late medieval styles, now it is time to add the Vikings. I concentrated on the Haithabu (Hedeby) vikings for now and I started with male clothing. The starting point was a beautiful necklace made from coral, mother of pearl and brass. [...]

Victorian Silk with Truly Victorian

Recently I finally had the opportunity to try out some patterns from Truly Victorian. A lady ordered a new Victorian costume from me. She already had very specific requirements and chose a flared skirt and a short jacket with leg-of-mutton sleeves. Additionally she sent me the blue and black striped silk. I bought the black [...]

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Larva in the Middle Ages – Market dates (updated)

This year I will be attending some renaissance faires with Larva again. Last year I was travelling through all of Germany. That was very interesting, but unfortunately it didn't really pay off. Only the gas expenses and the market fees used up most of the earnings. So this year I am concentrating on medieval markets [...]

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Embroidery: By hand or machine

Recently I had a discussion why I went through all the trouble of embroidering my elven wedding gown by hand. A machine could do that just as well. And I have to admit I couldn't give a convincing answer at the time. Simply because I never saw a comparable work done with an embroidery machine.

Embroidered collar & new server

Right now I'm in the process of moving the website to a new and above all faster server. So only a short update (and until tomorrow another URL, so don't be surprised). The Khaleesi/Daenerys Targaryen cosplay inspired by Game of Thrones is already with my model for a photo shooting. But shortly before I sent [...]

Why the long hiatus or how to sew a corset from canvas

I am in a compulsory break with the updates. There I wanted to send my stricken computer to get repaired. It will take two weeks at the most was was I thought. That was over a month ago... Long story short I can only do the essential tasks on my laptop. I didn't forget about [...]

More galleries

I started adding the unique pieces to the gallery. And there'll also be new pictures in the fashion shooting section. Just look at the Gallery in the top navigation. I'm also optimizing the website. Especially the product descriptions have to be reworked. I will do this bit by bit. While I do this I won't [...]

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The new website is online!

After a few night shifts and a lot of learning the new website is online! Now there's a persistent design for website and shop and with Wordpress as a base it is more modern, more clear and faster. There are a few flaws to straighten out (Wordpress isn't meant to be bi-lingual ;)), but everything [...]

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So much to do…

And so little time... I started working and for familiarisation I chose to work fulltime for a month. I don't have much time to work for Larva. But fear not, I'll come back soon enough. And I still have lots of new stuff. The two fashion shootings in June are done and the results are [...]

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