For a customer I made a black and green version of the Victorian ensemble. The skirt and overskirt are made from black cotton cloth (or linen, whatever you like better). And the jacket with peplum is accentuated with a green velvet in the front. I also made the fabric covered buttons myself again, but I won’t do that in the future. It is much work and the quality leaves a lot to be desired. I think I will use ready-made buttons in matching colours. They can also create nice effects.

In general it is possible to individually adjust almost everything if you order from me. My shop is more like a catalogue with some suggestins. And most of my customers are taking advantage of that. They change the colour, ask for a special material or sometimes I even get their favourite fabric delivered. I like that a lot. This makes every piece of clothing unique, it is perfectly suited to every persons likes and needs, and together with the customer we set free a lot of creativity.

This even works really well via email. You fill in a measurement sheet and then we discuss the details together. So you know exactly what you get.