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Larva in the Middle Ages – Market dates (updated)

This year I will be attending some renaissance faires with Larva again. Last year I was travelling through all of Germany. That was very interesting, but unfortunately it didn't really pay off. Only the gas expenses and the market fees used up most of the earnings. So this year I am concentrating on medieval markets [...]

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Fascination Make-Up 2015 Video

Today in the category better late than never: There is an excellent video from our exhibition about the calendar Fascination Make-Up 2015. The two evenings in November 2015 were great. The gallery was more or less full on both days. And Dominik Kaindl from Frontline Motion Pictures  captured the atmosphere just wonderfully. And casually made us all look [...]

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Small camp equipment

Yesterday I bought a complete used medieval(-ish) market or camp equipment. While I was tidying up everything I also tested my potential small market equipment. That is two benches and one table (ca. 150cm long), a shelf and the chests for storage. I'm also thinking about using the bow stand in the background as a [...]

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A friend of mine recently asked if she could use some of my pictures for a reading with an accompanying exhibition about Steampunk. For this I gladly obliged. Rebecca Wild read from her novel Das tickende Herz (The ticking heart). Afterwards the exhibition in the public library Fellbach was opened. There is a homepage with [...]

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