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Dice Bags Gondor & 40k Tau and Necron

And some more of my favourite present: (Hand-) Embroidered dice bags for the gaming nerd. ;) The silver embroidery is the coat of arms of Gondor from Lord of the Rings. I even embroidered the seven stars, which are usually only for the king or ruler (so Aragorn, Boromir, Faramir, etc.). Unfortunately the silver thread [...]

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Braiding techniques: Fingerloop braiding & Kumihimo

Beforehand: This is not a detailed tutorial for fingerloop braiding or Kumihimo. You can find a lot of them for free in the internet. I will write about the pros and cons of each technique. I use lacing as a closure for my clothes quite often. And there are only rather modern versions in the [...]

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Market preparations and woodworking

My last market before the summer is pending. It's the renaissance fair in Ravensburg-Oberzell in the context of their 1200 year celebrations. The fair is from June 4th to 5th 2016. And it is the first market I will use my new old viking tent. And since that would be too easy I also tried myself [...]

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The Fourth Doctor’s Victorian Shirt – Part 2

I started to tailor some men's clothing and I was inspired by Doctor Who Classic. As a first project I chose the Fourth Doctor's (Tom Baker) Victorian shirt with the cutout collar. In Part 1 I wrote about my research and here I will describe my construction method and show you the results. Construction The [...]

The Fourth Doctor’s Victorian Shirt – Part 1

Some time ago I started to watch the old Doctor Who Classic series. The Doctor always had a fascinating fashion sense. And then I meet the Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker, with the long scarf ;)) for the first time. He wears a mixture of Victorian and Steampunk clothes and they are even suitable for everyday [...]

Small camp equipment

Yesterday I bought a complete used medieval(-ish) market or camp equipment. While I was tidying up everything I also tested my potential small market equipment. That is two benches and one table (ca. 150cm long), a shelf and the chests for storage. I'm also thinking about using the bow stand in the background as a [...]

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Authentic late medieval dress and undergarment

Last summer I got an introduction to (more or less) authentic medieval tailoring. And during the christmas holidays I had some time to start the first project: A simple late medieval (late 14th century) dress and undergarment. I have been mostly ill the last weeks (two colds in a row...) so it all took quite some [...]

Old Crafts: Spinning yarn by hand

Two weeks ago on Saturday I attended a course for spinning yarn by hand. This means spinning and twisting threads from animal or plant fibers. The course instructor does not only know how to spin yarn, but she also knows a lot of other traditional handicraft. There's working with cloth and leather as well as [...]

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WIP: Lady Loki’s Diadem

Some time ago I posted the dress for the Lady Loki cosplay. This weekend I made the diadem. After I tried mould powder and resin for Artemisia's armour, Loki's headdress was a good opportunity to try another new material. In theater and cosplay thermoplastic materials are used for example for armour, crowns or jewellry. Basically [...]

WIP: Spikes for Artemisia

Onward with Artemisia's armour. Mostly it consists of spikes and claws. But we all know that a proper villain can't have to many spikes for decoration. I looked for materials in our handicraft store. Actually Fimo (a kind of thermoplastic clay) would have been the best choice since it's rather flexible when dried. But no one [...]

Embroidery: By hand or machine

Recently I had a discussion why I went through all the trouble of embroidering my elven wedding gown by hand. A machine could do that just as well. And I have to admit I couldn't give a convincing answer at the time. Simply because I never saw a comparable work done with an embroidery machine.

Embroidered collar & new server

Right now I'm in the process of moving the website to a new and above all faster server. So only a short update (and until tomorrow another URL, so don't be surprised). The Khaleesi/Daenerys Targaryen cosplay inspired by Game of Thrones is already with my model for a photo shooting. But shortly before I sent [...]

WIP: The embroidery is finished

It took some time (way too long...), but the embroidery inspired by Game of Thrones is finished. And I already attached it to the elven wedding gown. I also used shades of gold for the embroidery. The green thread is slightly yellow for example and the main motives are made from gold thread completely. [...]

WIP: Embroidered elven wedding gown

I already wrote that I've some more projects planned with Silver Wolfie aka Joanna (here is her Facebook page). And this time we chose an elven wedding as theme. Since only creating a new pattern with bell sleeves and a free back for the gown is waaaay too easy, I decided to try something new [...]