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Custom Victorian Jacket

Recently I made a customized Victorian jacket. Here it is in the shop: Arthemis astyanax – Victorian jacket The customer wanted the jacket completely black and with long sleeves. Changes like this are possible without a problem. In this case it didn't even cost more. And the size was made-to-measure of course. ;) I'm always looking [...]

Medieval Coif

Right now I'm being scheduled as a private seamstress for our sword figthing club more and more. ;) As a start I was commissioned with simple medieval coifs. Since they will be used in training historical correctness wasn't that important for now. My coifs are a padded version for wearing under a fencing mask. I [...]

Lady Loki’s Costume

Today there's only a short update. Right now I am getting a driving licence for motocycles and suddenly all evenings are gone for classes. There's only little time left for sewing or writing. And then there are all the birthdays in my family at once (I'm exagerrating only slightly). ;) But soon all of that [...]

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