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All dresses for editorial “The Muse” are finished

The sixth and last dress from the editorial series "The Muse" is finished. Originally I planned to play with different shades of grey in the dress and corset. Unfortunately the grey fabrics didn't look good together. So I rummaged a bit in my clothing collection and found my white Steampunk corset. It's made from snow-white [...]

Old Crafts: Spinning yarn by hand

Two weeks ago on Saturday I attended a course for spinning yarn by hand. This means spinning and twisting threads from animal or plant fibers. The course instructor does not only know how to spin yarn, but she also knows a lot of other traditional handicraft. There's working with cloth and leather as well as [...]

Fifth dress for “The Muse”

Slowly but surely I am finishing the work for our editorial. The fifth dress is ready. This time it is less of a dress and more corset and jewelry though. I made a skirt with long train from apple green chiffon. Then I added green corset with many ruches (the design is inspired by Maya [...]

More antique dresses for editorial

I'm still working on an editorial with photographer Mario Bertolini, makeup artist Tamara Ciullo and model Angela Asiana. We're photographing in old industrial areas (we've already been in an art deco and in a concrete factory). My dresses have flowing cuts and draped fabric. On top of the dresses you wear corsets to give them a clear silhouette. The two dresses [...]


Last December I did a photo shooting inspired by Lord of the Rings with a wonderful team. So we had our version of Galadriel ready for the release of the third Hobbit movie. But I always need some more time to publish pictures. So now slightly delayed here you have our Galadriel. We used my [...]

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Black Beauty

These pictures were made in May 2015 by the wonderful Irina Bodor. She wanted to do a photoshooting with a horse and with that I was convinced of the project. Apart from her making very beautiful pictures. The clothes are the same as for the Yennefer cosplay. A medieval blouse and skirt made from linen. [...]

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Antique dresses for Editorial “The Muse”

Together with my neighbour the photographer (, one of the make-up artists from Switzerland ( and a wonderful model ( we planned an editorial. I just invented the name "The Muse" since all of the dresses more or less have a Greek or Roman style. Everything had to go very fast, so I just bought [...]

Custom Victorian Jacket

Recently I made a customized Victorian jacket. Here it is in the shop: Arthemis astyanax – Victorian jacket The customer wanted the jacket completely black and with long sleeves. Changes like this are possible without a problem. In this case it didn't even cost more. And the size was made-to-measure of course. ;) I'm always looking [...]

Medieval Coif

Right now I'm being scheduled as a private seamstress for our sword figthing club more and more. ;) As a start I was commissioned with simple medieval coifs. Since they will be used in training historical correctness wasn't that important for now. My coifs are a padded version for wearing under a fencing mask. I [...]

Lady Loki’s Costume

Today there's only a short update. Right now I am getting a driving licence for motocycles and suddenly all evenings are gone for classes. There's only little time left for sewing or writing. And then there are all the birthdays in my family at once (I'm exagerrating only slightly). ;) But soon all of that [...]

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Victorian bride

This series of pictures originated at the beginning of 2014 in a botanical garden in Poland. Joanna is the model again. Her and the photographer Katarzyna Jaworska wanted to work together for a while back then. But Katarzyna is specialized on wedding photography and she wanted to stay in that subject area (later she photographed [...]

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A friend of mine recently asked if she could use some of my pictures for a reading with an accompanying exhibition about Steampunk. For this I gladly obliged. Rebecca Wild read from her novel Das tickende Herz (The ticking heart). Afterwards the exhibition in the public library Fellbach was opened. There is a homepage with [...]

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WIP: Lady Loki’s Diadem

Some time ago I posted the dress for the Lady Loki cosplay. This weekend I made the diadem. After I tried mould powder and resin for Artemisia's armour, Loki's headdress was a good opportunity to try another new material. In theater and cosplay thermoplastic materials are used for example for armour, crowns or jewellry. Basically [...]

Baroque in spring

Makeup artist and photographer Nadia borrowed my Russian inspired green baroque gown for a fashion shooting in spring. This time I combined the dress with the matching kokoshnik (a traditional Russian headdress). The pictures were made in a beautiful Japanese garden. Nadia and her Model Katja were quite the tourist attraction. Photography, Retouch & MUA: Beautycare Nadia [...]

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Elven wedding gown for Tauriel

I'm still in the process of moving (our furniture is only arriving piece by piece...), but I think it's time to show a new project anyway. :) Joanna is a model specialized on cosplay and she wanted to have a dress for Tauriel from the Hobbit trilogy. I on the other hand wanted to add [...]

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Leah’s dress

The date for moving to a new apartment is getting closer. I already packed the first boxes. But that doesn't stop me from continuing to sew. Ok, well maybe a little... But Leah's dress for the Loki and Leah cospay is ready. I don't really like to copy cosplays exactly. It is a bit unsatisfactory [...]