Dunkelrotes Kleid der Kundin

The customer’s dark red dress

Gewünschte Kleidungsstücke und eine Stoffauswahl

Chosen clothes and a selection of cloth

Recently I got a nice order to complete a Victorian inspired outfit. The customer owns a bordeaux evenning dress and for a LARP event she wanted some accessories or additional pieces of clothing complimenting the dress. She chose my Elizabethan overskirt Papilio palinurus and the Bolero Comostola laesaria. She also wanted some variation for the jacket so I made her a simple shrug.

All pieces were customized according to her wishes. She chose a bronze tafetta for all pieces. The skirt is exactly the pattern I have in my shop. The Bolero is extended to reach the waist and is more of a light jacket now. Additionaly it got a ruched collar so that the theme of ruches is continued in all pieces of clothing. And the shrug is made of a simple, but flexible pattern of ruches on a satin ribbon.