For a Bartitsu workshop I made a simple yet elegant Victorian “sports” costume and with an illustrious team made up of old and new faces I was able to stage it wonderfully. The makeup artist Martina I already new from the makeup calendar and she has gotten to know the fantastic photographer (and friend) Elena, who likes to photograph in a more fancy style. Then there was Mayoris, the sister in law of a friend from the historical fencing club (where we did the Bartitsu workshop). The world is quite small.

One evening we met at the lake promenade in Zürich. And as a blessing in disguise a thunderstorm was approaching. It scared away the bathers, gave us special lighting and dramatic gusts of wind. The hydrangea on the last images was such a stroke of luck as well. It was already fading, but managed to give us the perfect dreamlike background for the portraits (we were sitting inside that bush with three people to get the flowers to frame Mayo perfectly ).

Photography & Retouch: Elena Frizler Photography & Art (
Model: Mayoris (
Makeup & Hair: Makeup Art Dornig (
Fashion: Larva – Historical Dressmaking