Recently I made a customized Victorian jacket. Here it is in the shop: Arthemis astyanax – Victorian jacket

The customer wanted the jacket completely black and with long sleeves. Changes like this are possible without a problem. In this case it didn’t even cost more. And the size was made-to-measure of course. 😉

I’m always looking forward to special requests. You are welcome to view the products in the shop as inspiration only. Especially colour or material I can change without a problem. If the new fabric isn’t much more expensive than the original one the price usually doesn’t change. If I have to change the pattern I usually need more time to finish the garment and this I have to charge of course. But something like the longer sleeves in this example didn’t cost anything extra. For another order I added three pockets (two on the outside, one on the inside), so things like that are possible as well. Just ask. 🙂

I also started sewing by hand more. So if you set value on historically accurate hand seams you can have those as well.