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Hufflepuff Coat

I got another nice request. The daughter of a friend from the fencing club wanted a Hogwarts coat in the Hufflepuff colours for her birthday. Everything had to be done very fast, since her birthday was around the corner and the coat was supposed to be a surprise. So I got one of her summer [...]

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Indian Blouse

And another custom order. During my last medieval market in Hard, Austria I met a very nice fabric merchant. She bought a blouse in India and that blouse quickly became her favourite. And after many years of faithful service the blouse became a bit battered. Since the original fabric was worn very thin and perforated [...]

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Black ribbon corset

This ribbon corset is available in beige in my shop, but I am happy to change all my designs according to your wishes. This customer wanted the ribbon corset still with the fake suede, but in black. Additionally she required a cover for the corset busk, because it would otherwise damage her instrument. (Yes, I'm [...]

Tiny Top Hat

A tiny update for a tiny top hat. My small mini to hats and the other small hats are actually rather big - about a third of the full-sized hats. Most fascinator hats you can buy are actually smaller and on request I build one like that as well. The hat is again half the [...]

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Dark Steampunk

During the same fashion shooting we created the the Daenerys Stormborn images we also tried our hand at Steampunk. We produces some very dark and striking images. For me Sujata Setema aka Theresa looks like the ringmaster of a cursed circus. The travelling motif with the trunk is also one of my favourites. Maybe I'll [...]

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Dragon Queen

During our vernissage for the makeup calendar last year I met Theresa aka SujARTa Photography. Theresa is a very interesting and beautiful model. Additional she dances, studied medical engineering and is a fantasy fan. She also liked my clothes. So we had no choice but to plan a fashion shooting together. Theresa knows a lot of [...]

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Braiding techniques: Fingerloop braiding & Kumihimo

Beforehand: This is not a detailed tutorial for fingerloop braiding or Kumihimo. You can find a lot of them for free in the internet. I will write about the pros and cons of each technique. I use lacing as a closure for my clothes quite often. And there are only rather modern versions in the [...]

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Artemisia – 300: Rise of an Empire – Cosplay

It is a long time since I made a requested cosplay for Silver Wolfie one of my favourite models. She more than deserved it for all her great work. She wanted to have Artemisia from 300: Rise of an Empire. I got images from the cosplay a while ago and now they finally appear on [...]

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Custom order: Victorian Accessoires

Recently I got a nice order to complete a Victorian inspired outfit. The customer owns a bordeaux evenning dress and for a LARP event she wanted some accessories or additional pieces of clothing complimenting the dress.

All Calendar Pictures

I finally finished uploading all of the calendar images. Enjoy! Credits are at the bottom since they are so long. Five freelance makeup artists present the calendar “Fascination Makeup 2016”. In collaboration with notable designers like Larva – Historical Dressmaking , Monika Maria Donner and VAN ART Graziadei a fascinating array of pictures providing a glimpse into the [...]

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Fascination Make-Up 2015 Video

Today in the category better late than never: There is an excellent video from our exhibition about the calendar Fascination Make-Up 2015. The two evenings in November 2015 were great. The gallery was more or less full on both days. And Dominik Kaindl from Frontline Motion Pictures  captured the atmosphere just wonderfully. And casually made us all look [...]

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The Fourth Doctor’s Victorian Shirt – Part 2

I started to tailor some men's clothing and I was inspired by Doctor Who Classic. As a first project I chose the Fourth Doctor's (Tom Baker) Victorian shirt with the cutout collar. In Part 1 I wrote about my research and here I will describe my construction method and show you the results. Construction The [...]

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The Fourth Doctor’s Victorian Shirt – Part 1

Some time ago I started to watch the old Doctor Who Classic series. The Doctor always had a fascinating fashion sense. And then I meet the Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker, with the long scarf ;)) for the first time. He wears a mixture of Victorian and Steampunk clothes and they are even suitable for everyday [...]