I finally finished uploading all of the calendar images. Enjoy!

Credits are at the bottom since they are so long.

Five freelance makeup artists present the calendar “Fascination Makeup 2016”.

In collaboration with notable designers like Larva – Historical Dressmaking , Monika Maria Donner and VAN ART Graziadei a fascinating array of pictures providing a glimpse into the handcraft of makeup artists was created. Photographed by Mario Bertolini from Bertolini Photo.
I (that is Larva) outfitted six of the twelve months.

Photography & Retouch (all pictures): Mario Bertolini (www.bertoliniphoto.at)

Model (Title, February, August): Soraya Pajer-Da Silva
Model (January):
 Simone Eugster
Model (March): Attics (www.facebook.com/Attics-686220694784737/)
Model (April): Angela Asiana (Une Eclat de Couture – Angela Asiana)
Model (May): Sandra Mijic
Model (June): Selina Kovacs
Model (July): Pascal Kovacs
Model (September): Julia Lüchinger
Model (October): Selina Huber
Model (November): Markus Bischof (www.markus-bischof.at)
Model (December): Julia Suter

Makeup & Hair (Title, February, August, October): Diego Colaci (www.diegocolaci.ch)
Makeup & Hair (January, April, November):
 Tamara Ciullo (www.getalook.ch) & Sandra Frischtknecht (April)
Makeup & Hair (March, May, September):
 Martina Dornig
Makeup & Hair (June):
Lorena Mañanes Casado
Makeup & Hair (July, December):
 Silvana Kovacs (www.make-up-art.ch)

Fashion (Title, August): Monika Maria Donner (www.monikamariadonner.at)
Fashion (March, April, May, June, September, November): Larva – Victorian Steampunk
Fashion (December): Van Art Graziadei (www.van-art.at)