During our vernissage for the makeup calendar last year I met Theresa aka SujARTa Photography. Theresa is a very interesting and beautiful model. Additional she dances, studied medical engineering and is a fantasy fan. She also liked my clothes. So we had no choice but to plan a fashion shooting together.

Theresa knows a lot of people in this area, so she organized a photographer experienced with fantasy photography and photo manipulation: Wolfgang from Peroni-Arts. His studio is in an old Swiss bunker. You can wear woolen sweaters in summer down there, si it was the perfect location for me. 😉

Delia von Delia’s Schminkbox was our makeup artist. She is also a friend and experiences fashion shooting partner of Theresa’s.

On that day we photographed three outfits (two were made by me). Here is the promised Dragon Queen, Daenerys Stormborn.

This time I had two dresses for the Khaleesi-Cosplay. The knee-length linen dress is one of the earliest versions of the blue dress Daenerys is wearing during her travels. The floor-length dress made from satin and chiffon is modeled after the dresses she is wearing later during her time as Queen of Mereen.

We made a lot of pictures. With and without the corset. With and without the armour pieces. And we also had a few weapons. But I just noticed that I only have retouched pictures with corset and most of them with the long dress. In exchange Wolfgang arranged for some great dragons. And I finally got a picture of the embroidered collar from the knee-length dress.

Wolfgang provided us with all images in high quality. So maybe later I’ll retouch some more of them myself.

Model: SujARTa Photography
Photography & Retouch: Peroni-Arts
MUA: Delia’s Schminkbox
Fashion: Larva – Victorian Steampunk