Somehow one of the best parts of sewing is buying the fabrics. And sometimes there’s only the fabric shopping and the fabrics have to wait a few years before being sewn. 

But since beautiful fabrics can enchant on their own and I recently had the possibility to buy some great fabric combinations, I want to show them to you.

The first collection is from the flea market in Dornbirn (which I can only recommend again for about everything, crafting materials, books, etc.). Somehow my loot turned out to be very pink. And I don’t even like pink.  It’s 14 metres each of pink and red fabric patterned with roses, a bunch of pink fabric flowers and a parasol, two pieces of linen and a few smaller pieces of patterned fabric. I have to make baroque gown from the rose patterned fabric. I don’t have another choice.

And recently I got a request for a project in peacock colours. Since those are basically my favourite colours, I was quite happy. The result turned out pretty great and I’m doing my best to put pictures online soon.  On the pictures you can see organdy, tulle and a sewing thread each in green, turquoise and blue. And additinally satin  and cotton in blue for the base construction.