I got another nice request. The daughter of a friend from the fencing club wanted a Hogwarts coat in the Hufflepuff colours for her birthday. Everything had to be done very fast, since her birthday was around the corner and the coat was supposed to be a surprise. So I got one of her summer dresses to get her measurements and I started my research. I mostly looked at the coats from the Harry Potter movies.

The coat has a simple, straight cut with bell sleeves and a pointed hood. The outside is a black cotton fabric, the inside is lined wirh golden satin. I also found a pretty button with golden decoration for closing the coat. The Hufflepuff coat-of-arms will be added to the left chest as well, but the patch didn’t arrive before the birthday. So it will be handed over later. On the pictures I forgot to take a picture with the hood on. It is standing up on its own and has a nice wizard’s hat point. 

I’m not completely satisfied with the sleeves. They are too curved. The ones from the Harry Potter movies are cut more straight and are much more elegant in my opinion. If I am making another Hogwarts coat I will also try a pattern that doesn’t have a visible seam between hood and the coat itself. Of course I only found that pattern after I was finished.