My last market before the summer is pending. It’s the renaissance fair in Ravensburg-Oberzell in the context of their 1200 year celebrations. The fair is from June 4th to 5th 2016. And it is the first market I will use my new old viking tent.

And since that would be too easy I also tried myself at carpentry. I built an extension for my viking tent so it can function as a market stall. This is four pine planks and one bar. I cut them to size, drilled the holes, carved the round ends of the bar, sanded everything and treated it with linseed oil. In the end it should look like this (the inverted triangle is the part I build):

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I have never assembled the tent before. I’m sure nothing can go wrong. 😛

And since I was at it anyway I also mounted my cat’s scratching post (a small mangrove root). Now she can’t knock it over anymore. By the way: Cat Content! I heard that always works on the internet.