For my market tent I built a simple clothing rack from wood and fabric. The model is probably not historically correct (except for earky 21st century), but the techniques I used are. 😉

Like my Viking market tent it is made from two triangles made from wooden boards, connected by round wooden poles. They are kept together by wooden wedges and a bit of rope. Between the two lower poles I mounted a scrap piece from my tent canvas, so longer dresses won’t hang down to the floor and are protected from dirt.

The new medieval clothing rack replaces an improvised clothing rack made from bow racks, a beech pole and rope. This was very unwieldy and took some time to set up. The new clothing rack is very light and can be assembled in a few minutes without any tools.

Following the same principle I will build a shelf as well. I do already own a shelf that can be assembled without tools, but it is very bulky and almost impossible to assemble alone. So it will be replaced as well.

By the way, my bicycle was misused as a dridge again. I mean who needs a car anyway. 😛