Ok, this is not really historical tailoring, but I painted a Starcraft 2 Zerg tshirt as a Christmas present. And since it is the first round of the Starcraft 2 World Championship this weekend, I thought I would post it anyway. And it was even a Zerg player that won this tournament. If a Protoss wins one, I will have another tshirt ready. 😉

For the tshirt I bought a violet tshirt made from organic cotton and the colours are the Textil Solid colours from Creativ Company (you can get them here: CCHobby – Textil Colors). The Solid version also works on dark tshirts. Opaque is available in many more colours. But since my template was based on the Starcrafts cartoons, I only had a few strong colours anyway.

You can mix all of these colours or dilute them with water. I painted with a brush, but you can probably also use them with an airbrush. And they are very efficient. I basically only used the colour from the bottle caps.

In the pictures you can see my template made from paper and in the work in progress images, you can see how I sketched the motif onto the tshirt with chalk on the left, then I added one layer of colour and further right the second layer. This was mostly enough. And on the far right you can see the outlines in black.

In the end I found out that Creativ Company also offers textile markers. They probably would have made doing the outlines easier. But they also turned out rather decent with the brush. And all in all I only painted off-target twice (or rather I dropped the brush).