Fortuny Delphos Photoseries

Originally I only had done the golden Fortuny Delphos dress and the photosession was planned with one model. Unfortunately that didn't work out, and the I had to think of the incredible Mayoris who worked with me on the Victorian Walking Dress pictures. Mayoris has a twin sister, so I had to do a second dress. Even before I knew if they were available...

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Victorian bride

This series of pictures originated at the beginning of 2014 in a botanical garden in Poland. Joanna is the model again. Her and the photographer Katarzyna Jaworska wanted to work together for a while back then. But Katarzyna is specialized on wedding photography and she wanted to stay in that subject area (later she photographed [...]

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Wedding pillow

This wedding pillow I made back in summer for the wedding of a friend. She only told me to use the colours creme and apricot. And if you ask me for something like this, of course you get some retro flair.

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