This series of pictures originated at the beginning of 2014 in a botanical garden in Poland. Joanna is the model again. Her and the photographer Katarzyna Jaworska wanted to work together for a while back then. But Katarzyna is specialized on wedding photography and she wanted to stay in that subject area (later she photographed Yennefer, there the pictures are great as well). So I dabbled in making a very romantic Victorian dress, or rather a bodice and skirt, for this project.

I think these pictures are some of my favourite ones I have received so far. And you have to consider that I neither like wedding dresses, nor do I like white or any of that romantic stuff. 😉

But there are so many other aspects I like about that project. The gown is made completely from Vintage materials. The fabric is an incredibly beautiful wild silk. Originally it was curtains I bought on our big flea market in Dornbirn. The lace is from my boyfriend’s mother, who supplies me with great old lace she finds in her house then and again. And the flower wreath is made from fabric flowers I got from a lady that dissolved a household. And then the gloves. Crocheted by hand and with a very beautiful pattern. Originally they belonged to my great-grandmother. Then my sister got them from our grandmother. And she gave them to me on extended loan. Like this every piece has its history.

And then there comes Katarzyna who has every right to call herself a wedding photographer. Motive, image section, lightning. Everything is balanced perfectly. And Joanna’s light but very fitting makeup and her innocent presence combined with her fine features.

No wonder I have to like it. Despite white and wedding dress and all that romantics. 😉


Photography & Retouch: Katarzyna Jaworska
Model & MUA: Silver Wolfie
Fashion: Larva