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Spanish Rose

Since my computer is still sitting around in pieces, here's only a small work in process update. Joanna, a model from Poland asked me to create two outfits for photo shootings. You can see her work on facebook for example: And the first outfit is almost finished. I created a sleeveless Victorian dress from velvet [...]

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Why the long hiatus or how to sew a corset from canvas

I am in a compulsory break with the updates. There I wanted to send my stricken computer to get repaired. It will take two weeks at the most was was I thought. That was over a month ago... Long story short I can only do the essential tasks on my laptop. I didn't forget about [...]

More galleries

I started adding the unique pieces to the gallery. And there'll also be new pictures in the fashion shooting section. Just look at the Gallery in the top navigation. I'm also optimizing the website. Especially the product descriptions have to be reworked. I will do this bit by bit. While I do this I won't [...]

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The new website is online!

After a few night shifts and a lot of learning the new website is online! Now there's a persistent design for website and shop and with Wordpress as a base it is more modern, more clear and faster. There are a few flaws to straighten out (Wordpress isn't meant to be bi-lingual ;)), but everything [...]

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So much to do…

And so little time... I started working and for familiarisation I chose to work fulltime for a month. I don't have much time to work for Larva. But fear not, I'll come back soon enough. And I still have lots of new stuff. The two fashion shootings in June are done and the results are [...]

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Back from WGT 2013

WGT booth Hello everyone, I'm back from the Wave Gotik Treffen. It was a very interesting and exhausting experience. We were located in a small corridor between the big booths, yet still quite a few people found their way to our booth. We were basically learning something about exhibition performance every second. I [...]

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