FotostudioHello everyone,

Today I got the last of the materials for my selfmade photo studio from the post office. And of course I had to try it immediately.

Currently I’m using:
– two of the infamous Ikea Tertial desk lights (a third will be added) with Quenox daylight bulbs
– diffusors made of mylar film, fiber glass rods and kite fittings
– as background a roll of  sketching paper
– the Hama tripod Star 61 (you can wind it up, tilt and rotate it)
– and my Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ18 digital camera

Usually you have to pay several 1000€ (or $) to get a photo studio. I spent 150€ (without camera) and 30 minutes tinkering. And I was very generous. I can almost equip another studio with my materials. For that I’m very happy with the result.

Full-body pictures will be difficult like this (though I have to test it with the third light), but especially for product pictures this equipment is quite luxurious.

The ides come from Low Budget Shooting
The book is easy to understand and has lots of pictures.