The sixth and last dress from the editorial series “The Muse” is finished.

Originally I planned to play with different shades of grey in the dress and corset. Unfortunately the grey fabrics didn’t look good together. So I rummaged a bit in my clothing collection and found my white Steampunk corset. It’s made from snow-white fake leather and is bound with violet satin ribbon. On the front it is closed with beautiful bronze colored buckles. This is not the standard Steampunk color scheme, but I think with the materials and style it’s still fitting.

The dress that is worn beneath is now uni coloured grey. I found a lovely crepe georgette. It has a tinge of brown and an interesting structure. I used another fabric as lining underneath, otherwise the dress would be see-through. 😉 The darts on the upper body are only sewn in the narrowest place, so the fabric can drape itself. With that I chose a narrow neckline. The skirt part is wide and long again.

During my last flea market visit I expanded my fabric flower collection again. This time I found cute violet crochet flowers. They will have to double as a necklace for this dress.

And all of the dresses together finally. 🙂 For four of the six dresses we already did the fashion shootings. For the last two we probably have to wait until spring, unless we want our poor model to freeze. I can hardly wait. The pictures will (or already are) glorious.