Bridal corset

I finally started with the second shooting outfit for Joanna. You can see No. 1 here: Spanish Rose WIP

We agreed to design a historical bridal gown. I was inspired mostly by Victorian bridal fashion and already started with the corset. The pattern for the corset belongs to a ball gown and sits very low on the shoulders (basically the Victorian version of shoulder free). Like all my corsets it is lined with coutil and reinforced with steel bones. For once you can completely close the corset on the back so it is rather loosely fitting.

On my last visit to the flea market I got the curtain furnishings from a whole house. They are made from beautiful creme raw silk. This fabric gives the corset an interesting structure (I love those irregular little knots) and with the color an antique touch. The lace on the neck opening is from the collection of a very nice lady and also vintage and possibly even handmade. All edges are bound with piping (the cloth rolls you create by putting a string or cord between two layers of fabric).

For the skirt I will use a lot more of my raw silk and the the only thing missing is a bridal wreath for the head. I firmly resolved to finish everything in the next days. Then Joanna can finally make pictures. 🙂