Well, well, well, it really takes a long time for me to upload new pictures. I finished the Khaleesi cosplay (inspired by Game of Thrones) last year in October and I got back the pictures January this year. And it took only until December of the same year until you can see them on my website.

For Daenery’s costume I chose one of the most classic dresses. Daenerys is wearing this style on a lot of occasions and in many different incarnations. The concept from the costume designer Michele Carragher is truly fascinating. The dragonscale embroidery develops over the course of Game of Thrones signifying Daenerys increasing power and bond with her dragons. I also have some embroidery around the neckline, unfortunately you can’t see it on the pictures (here are some closeups: Embroidered collar). Then I also felt that Daenerys should be wearing some armour, especially when she is running around in the wild. And finally to bring it closer to my other designs I added a ribbon corset.

I have the ribbon corset in my shop as of now: Ribbon corset

Biały Kadr – fotografia are Dorota and Piotr who did this cosplay photo shooting together. The resulting pictures are showing Daenerys Stormborn from both the vision of Dorota an Piotr. I think it is very interesting how two different photographers can change the pictures when working with exactly the same model, clothes and location at the same time.

Photography & Retouch: Biały Kadr – fotografia
Model & MUA: Silver Wolfie Shizuma
Wig: Celebrity Wigs & Hair By MissTresses
Fashion: Larva – Victorian Steampunk

Dorota’s version of Daenerys

Piotr’s version of Daenerys