Another beautiful project with Silver Wolfie aka Joanna. Joanna wanted to do a Loki cosplay. I guess she actually though of the male movie version, but I had just recently read the Marvel comics where Loki was out and about as a woman. And Joanna didn’t have anything against that costume either. It was also supposed to be a group cosplay, so we chose Leah as a second character (she only appears in the Marvel comics, not in Nordic mythology). Loki as well as Leah are associated with the colour green, but I wanted to give them different clothes, so I gave Loki the colours black (yeah, I know, no colour ;)) and gold instead. The results of the fashion shooting are incredibly dreamlike (in the literal sense) pictures. Loki and Leah both seem to be out of this world. I love all the elements. The makeup, the contact lenses, the models and of course the photography and retouch.

Lady Loki: Silver Wolfie
Leah: Hisu
Fotografie & Bearbeitung: Inspire me
MUA: Wytyczne kosmetyczne blog
Perücke: Annabelle’s Wigs
Mode: Larva – Victorian Steampunk