The date for moving to a new apartment is getting closer. I already packed the first boxes. But that doesn’t stop me from continuing to sew. Ok, well maybe a little… But Leah’s dress for the Loki and Leah cospay is ready.

I don’t really like to copy cosplays exactly. It is a bit unsatisfactory for a designer. This is why I try to make the cosplay as recognizeable as possible while still using my own style. For me the defining characteristics of Leah’s dress are the color (of course), the puff sleeves and the golden details. Additionally it looks a bit like a priests robe to me. The costume consists of a dress and a sleeveless but high-necked vest. The materials is green cotton velvet. And I hardly had the gold trim at home for three years before using it. 😉 The vest is closed with a Czech glass button on the neck. Attached to the dress are the aforementionend puff sleeves and the skirt gets a nice fall and more volume from additional fabric darts. The dress is closed by a zipper in the back.