I am currently preparing for the medieval market in Hard and since I completely redesigned my booth, I had to build new furniture. This time it was the medieval shelf’s turn.

I already have a shelf, but it is very complicated to assemble alone, it is very heavy and for all that it isn’t even very stable. So I build a classic triangular shelf instead. As always it is made from spruce wood from the hardware store and finished with linseed oil.

The basic construction is the same as for the clothing rack, with six latches arranged in two triangles. But this time there are not only three crossbars connecting the latches, but seven. This way I can insert three shelves. On the top and bottom the framework is held together by simple wooden wedges. For the framework to stand stable and not slide together without the shelves all crossbars have a rope winding. And last but not least I mounted oddments from the crossbars on the inside of the framework over the shelves. Now the shelves are clamped in, can’t slide out that easy and most importantly can’t tip over.

The only tools I used were my wood saws, the electric drill (with centre bit and normal bits), a grinding machine and files. Screw clamps are also helpful. So almost like in the middle ages. 😛

I also reached my goal. The shelf is very easy to assemble (even without tools) and is lightweight and stable.