Last weekend the big flea market in Dornbirn took place again. I got up at 6 o’clock in the morning and was rewarded with a lot of beautiful fabrics. The roll in the background is 20 (generous) metres of natural coloured linen. And in front of it is a bunch of smaller fabric pieces. Though even these are mostly several metres long.

The topic turned out to be red & gold with little flowers this year. 😉 You take on fabric into your hand and immediately you find three others that harmonize perfectly with it. I think I will make some pretty waistcoats from the fabrics. I already have the Victorian shirts to got with them.

Since I was already getting a lot of red & gold I also got a lot of embroidery thread in these colours. I have a book from the treasury in Vienna with gorgeous embroidery in satin stitch (parrots!). And I want to try my hand at it.

I also snatched up some fabric flowers agein. This time some ladies were faster than me and they carried away arms full of flowers in front of me. But they left me the crochet flowers, so I added those to my collection.