It has been quiet for a while on the website. But I haven’t been idle in the meantime. For example I made twelve mini top hats and seven fascinators for the Guggamusik d’Hardar Schlösslefeagar ( The Hardar Schlösslefeagar is a carnival music club (in case you don’t know what Guggamusik is 😉 ) and they ordered headdresses for the whole group.

I got the fabrics from the club, the design and additional decoration was made by me. And i sewed everything together of course. I think they turned out really nice and a big amount of coordinated hats is always looking good of course. It was a great project to hone my hatmaking skills.

And incidentally the next carnival club already showed interest in my hats. Maybe I should contact more of these clubs. There seems to be a lack of hatmakers in my area. 😀