I’m still working on an editorial with photographer Mario Bertolini, makeup artist Tamara Ciullo and model Angela Asiana. We’re photographing in old industrial areas (we’ve already been in an art deco and in a concrete factory). My dresses have flowing cuts and draped fabric. On top of the dresses you wear corsets to give them a clear silhouette.

The two dresses here we have photographed in the concrete factory. In a previous post I showed you a dark green and a golden dress. With those we have been to the art deco factory.

For the first photo shooting in the art deco factory there was very little time to prepare. So the blue dress wasn’t really finished and didn’t work that well. So I reworked it for the second photo shooting in the concrete factory. The basic pattern remained the same but I made the skirt part longer and wider. Now it can fly much better. The black dress got a very similar skirt part, but the top part is basically the opposite with the deep neckline.

This time I chose jewelry to wear with the dresses. I also lost sight of that for the first photo shooting.

Now only two dresses remain for this editorial. One of those I already finished. And the second one I will finish next weekend. After all I already do have a lot of wonderful pictures to keep me motivated. 😀