Yesterday I bought a complete used medieval(-ish) market or camp equipment. While I was tidying up everything I also tested my potential small market equipment.

That is two benches and one table (ca. 150cm long), a shelf and the chests for storage. I’m also thinking about using the bow stand in the background as a temporary clothing rail. I do have rather few bows and instead a lot of clothes. 😉


The equipment is differently aged, this is why it’s so multicoloured. I think I will sand and oil everything, then they will be more homogeneous.

The complete equipment includes another two benches an one table. They are about 200cm long. And of course the market tent itself, including a canopy. I don’t think I can set it up anytime soon. It just doesn’t fir into my garden. But as soon as I have it standing somewhere, there will be pictures.