Or rather its accessories.

Recently I had the opportunity to wear one of my vintage dancing dresses to a wedding (however the dress is from a vintage shop, but I think it’s new). It is a mint green, knee-lenghth silk dress with very beautiful draping and plissé. A few days earlier I decided that an underskirt would work really well with that dress. And a jacket would be useful as well since the dress only got narrow straps.

If I have the opportunity to sew something for myself I want that it is fitting for more than one occasion. So since most of my clothes are blue or green I opted for fabrics in hues of gold. And then in the fabric store I stumble upon this fabric with a flower pattern. It’s orange (I don’t like orange), it’s got a floral pattern (I don’t like floral patterns) and with a white lace print (I hate white). I had to have it.

The fabric with the floral pattern is a light but very high quality cotton fabric. Additionally I bought a silk tafetta in a bronze shade.

The bolero is made from the silk tafetta and lined with the floral cotton fabric. The underskirt is knee-lenghth and double-layered. The lower layer also has a frill at the bottom to add more volume to the skirt.

The style is not very Victorian, but bustle and three skirts is rather impracticable for everyday wear. Luckily vintage dresses are very nice to look at as well. I probably won’t be able to wear the bolero very often, but the underskirt is also very nice as a normal summer skirt. And maybe I can use it for a steampunk outfit with all the shades of gold.