Since I finished the elven wedding gown, I was able to start with a new project.

This time not only the embroidery is inspired by Game of Thrones, but I am sewing an appropriate cosplay outfit. The dress is one of the classical designs Daenerys Targaryen is wearing frequently in different versions. The dress is made from light blue linen and is lined in a dark blue colour. The identifying features are easily spotted: blue as main color and the capped sleeves. Daenerys also wears v-neck, knee length and wrapped often in the series.

Next I want to add some accessories to tie the outfit to the Khaleesi style – meaning Daenerys during her time with the Dothraki. So earth tones, leather imitations and looking like it has been made by hand with crude tools.

And if I’m fast enough I will dare start more embroidery so the Mother of Dragons will get her dragonscales: Daenerys’ Dragonscales