I already wrote that I’ve some more projects planned with Silver Wolfie aka Joanna (here is her Facebook page). And this time we chose an elven wedding as theme.

Since only creating a new pattern with bell sleeves and a free back for the gown is waaaay too easy, I decided to try something new this time. Namely embroidery in the style of Game of Thrones (here are the brilliant originals: Michele Carragher Embroidery).

The gown itself is made from a very luxurious, thick bridal satin and is lined. I added a long train or cloak made from chiffon an fastened with clasps on the shoulders. In addition I got an intertwined tiara (yes, that thing around the mannequins neck belongs on the head 😉 ). The clasps and the tiara are painted golden, since I wanted to achieve a more warm or autumnal effect.

And then I started on the embroidery. And completely underestimated the work. The last week I worked almost full-time on embroidering and you can see how far I got in the gallery. The twines and flowers in the background are finished. On the birds – the actual motive – I just got started. And then I have to apply the embroidery to the gown (it will be on the chest).

So for selling such large embroidery is not suitable. It would cost a fortune. But embroidering is definitely very relaxing. 😉 Especially the mixture of stitching patterns and embroidering freely. I can even create a kind of relief and texture. So I may do small motives then and again.