This year I will be attending some renaissance faires with Larva again.

Last year I was travelling through all of Germany. That was very interesting, but unfortunately it didn’t really pay off. Only the gas expenses and the market fees used up most of the earnings. So this year I am concentrating on medieval markets only in my area.

Here are my market dates for 2017:

18.06.2017     Mittelaltermärktle (Medieval Market on the Waldburg)
10-18 o’clock, Ortsmitte, 88289 Waldburg, DE
Schloss Waldburg

18.-20.08. 7.2017     Mittelalterspektakel Montafon (Medieval Spectacle in Schruns)
14-24 o’clock, 10-24 o’clock & 10-18 o’clock, Kirchplatz, 6780 Schruns, AT
Mittelalter Veranstaltungen

10.09.2017     Mittelaltermärktle (Medieval Market on the Waldburg)
Unfortunately this market was canceled!

15.-17.09.2017     Historisches Markttreiben Hard (Historic Market Life in Hard)
13-21 o’clock, 11-21 o’clock & 11-17 o’clock, Seestraße 33, 6971 Hard, AT
Mittelalter Veranstaltungen