This year I have registered as an exhibitor for several markets & fairs. The first half of my program is already finished. And incidentally the events are grouped thematically. In the first half I visited two Victorian markets and one fantasy festival. And in the second half of the year I will be attending renaissance fairs / medieval markets.

Elfia Haarzuilens

My first appearance as an exhibitor was from April 23rd to 24th 2016 during the fantasy festival Elfia Haarzuilens. The festival takes place on the beautiful Kasteel de Haar compound near Utrecht in the Netherlands. The weather was typical for April, so unfortunately it was really bad. It was continuously windy and rain and hailstorms intermitted with short periods of sunshine. Accordingly the visitors mostly hid near the food stalls and the performance stage. But I determined that I could handle a festival that is this far away without much problems on my own.

Steamtropolis Ascension Day

Next I was a guest at the Steamtropolis in the club Matrix Bochum from May 04th to 05th 2016. Here I had a great spot in a vaulted cellar. Just carrying down the furniture all those steps was a bit exhausting. 😉 During the Steamtropolis I also offered a hat making workshop. And I was overwhelmed with the interest. Overall eleven ladies took three hours out of their schedule to build their own small hat. And despite the bad lighting we got quite far. Because of the many participants I didn’t have time to make any pictures of the workshop, but I hope I will get some pictures from the organizer.

Victorian Village

And last but not least on Mai 13th 2016 I attended the Victorian Village during the WGT (Wave Gotik Treffen). Again the venue was incredible. The Victorian Village takes place in the Arena am Panometer in Leipzig since last year. And I still think that at this event the best dressed visitors of the WGT are attending. I also thought that the other vendors were chosen very well. Unfortunately I had no time to go shopping myself. I also offered a workshop there and the participants were motivated and patient. It just takes a few hours to finish a hat, no matter how small. Oh, and they had cupcakes in the market stall next to mine. 😀

And a lastly a small insight how I manage my equipment. I don’t want to rent expensive rental cars, so I have to fit everything into my parents’ car. I just get everything in. Though I can’t have passengers. This is how it looks inside and outside of the car: